Disadvantages of Android Casinos

By 23 July 2021

In the past few years, the (online gambling) ( 1-onlinecasino-canada ) industry has been on the rise. One of the major reasons for the rise is the significant increase if Android-powered devices. However, this doesn't come without some drawbacks.

Small screen display

If you've never played on an Android Casino before, you'll be definitely thrilled by the games' quality there, though not all casinos. Most games maintain all their features including animations and graphics, not to mention their background soundtracks.

  1. Basically, all game features will be retained even in the mobile version.

However, the downside will be the small screen size on, most mobile gadgets. This may not be a problem for most players but for those prefer larger displays, this will definitely be a drawback.

Limited number of games

Android Casinos have just appeared in the past few years. As such, the space is still under development since it is a relatively new thing on the internet. Therefore, Casino products are still under development.

Initially, casino software developers used to release games only compatible with desktop gadgets. While they make mobile-compatible games, Android Casinos remain short of products. This explains why games in these casinos are quite limited.

Mobile software requirements

It is true that with an Android device, you can access any Android Casino. However, you may not play some games due to system requirements. Some casino games need specific technologies for smooth gameplay.

Such technologies include the relevant versions of HTML5, Flash or Java, installed on your device. Notably, some casinos may even demand that you download their mobile app. Therefore, without these software, you may not play on the site.

Some additional security measures may be needed

The online world is one full of threats. Therefore, proper security measures have to be established to curb all possible threats. Notably, these threats may either be internal or external. Some of these threats include:

  • Unauthorized account access.
  • Hacker attacks
  • Virus/malware threats, among others

Since you are playing on the go, you may lose your phone or tablet. If the gadget lands on bad hands, your casino security may be compromised. Besides, someone may steal your phone intentionally and login into your account.

Power outage problems

Android Casinos demand that you be vigilant about your device's battery percentage. Excitingly, modern gadgets have an admirable battery life, going up to three days without recharging. However, this may not be always be the case.

Sometimes, there may be power outage in your home or residence area. That way, you can't access, leave alone playing on the casino. Besides, your phone's or tablet's battery may die when on an ongoing gameplay.